We all have questions and ponderings about what’s going on in our life and why. There are times when it is an idea to find out what energy is playing out in our lives. That is where I can help with my custom reading tarot messages and my lovely crystals. When I connect with the energy of your question, the energy of the cards will help provide insight, and guidance to what you may or may not have already intuitively been feeling or considering.


Your individual customised reading is £120.00. This will include up to the next 6-month time frame.



Put your question to me and we can chat/email and agree your Powerful Question for the best possible messages. No Closed Questions please or Yes and No questions, for example, instead of asking “Am I going to meet my soul mate this year?” A powerful question would be, “What guidance can you offer me on How can I attract the right person into my life?” You can ask the cards about a particular situation, life change or relationship, and together we can discuss and decide on your question, and this sets the intention for the reading. Tarot is not fortune-telling, but it can help you make decisions, give clarity, help to see paths that previously were unseen and bring opportunities to your attention. Tarot is also a wonderful tool for self-exploration.


The Future is not set-in stone. My messages may offer guidance and a glimpse at possibilities; however, Tarot does not make the decisions for any of us. Your own freewill, will determine your actions and future.



We will get to the heart of the question, discuss your needs and what you are looking for, I will design a corresponding spread and I will give you balance and shape the reading. Please see below three examples of Powerful Questions and the corresponding spreads.



What needs to change in order for Mary too manifest her dream career?


1. Where does Mary Stand now?
2. What action does Mary need to take?
3. What potential is there for Mary?
4. Challenges?
5. Underlying energy around Mary



What might be Mary’s experience if she studied Law?


1. Mary’s Present Situation?
2. What does Mary Aspire to?
3. How is Mary going to get there?
4. Outcome
5. Underlying energy around Mary



What can Mary do to attract the right partner?


1. Am I ready to embrace new love in my life?
2. What qualities do I want to see in a relationship?
3. What qualities do I seek in a partner?
4. What actions can I take to find (or build) a healthy relationship?
5. What might I experience over the next 3 / 6 months?
6. Underlying energy



To order your custom tarot card reading, please register your interest and complete this form and I will be in contact with you to discuss your Powerful Question. No payment will be taken until we have discussed (usually by email) your Powerful Question and you are happy for me to go ahead and read for you.


Customised Reading £120.00



Once we have agreed your question, I will send you a payment link by email or text message and after I have received payment, I will confirm your reading and ask any follow-up questions I might have, Messages are delivered by email within seven (7) business days. You will receive a PDF of the reading along with an image of the cards turned. I will password this PDF and once you confirm receipt of the email I will text/whatsapp/email you the password to open the document. This is an extra level of cyber security I like to have in place to ensure only yourself can access the messages I send. After you receive the reading, I will do my best to clarify any queries you may have.