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Ace of Swords


Monday 6th December 2021


Ace of Swords


This card relates to breakthroughs, new ideas, mental clarity, and success


What came to mind when I turned this card: New thought processes, movement of thoughts leading to action on ideas.  With Dynamic energy – New year planning around Jobs, Health and Wealth


I felt strong and striking while the iron is hot, with the symbolism I took this as a victorious card – a Yes card.



This end of year energy is moving some of you to action.  Ideas have been formulating over passed months and you are fed up of stagnating and will be surrounded by this vibrant Ace of Swords energy that is propelling you to make decisions and get clarity.  Think things through and plan, plan, plan.  Make the most of the seeds being planted; without your earnest action, they will remain dreams, ideas and thoughts. Seize this energy and make the most of the new opportunities around you.


This Ace is a sign of success, being able to see things clearly with a new way of thinking, finally you can see the way forward.  An excellent card leading towards the new year.  Keep a positive mindset and you will overcome any hurdles along the path, if you feel passionate about it, it’s worth it to press on.

The Sun Tarot Card


Monday 1st December to 31st December 2021


The Sun



This card relates to Positivity, Fun, Warmth, Success and Vitality


What came to mind:  Generosity of Spirit


From the symbolism, the sunflowers resonated with me and I felt very fortunate




This sun is shining down on all of us this month and is shining brightly for us all.  All of our endeavours for family and togetherness and well wishing will come together this year; after what has been perhaps a difficult time for most of us.  This lovely sun brings warmth, togetherness and kindest meetings in rapture.  Go well you seekers and enjoy this 12th month, completion of which draws our new year and a new cycle of crisp and crazy beginnings.  So we will all finish 2021 with a flourish and dawn a new beginning.  Go well one and all.


We are all in a position where we can share our positive qualities with others, and we can share about who we are and what we stand for; share our love for those we care about.


If you have been going through tougher times, this sun indicates that things will get a lot better for you this month.


This is an energetic card expect to feel invigorated this month, bursting with enthusiasm.

The Sun Tarot Card
Tarot cards:
Hanson Roberts Deck, the symbolism follows the Rider-Waite deck, the artwork of Mary Hanson-Roberts
Publisher: U S Games Systems, Inc


Oracle cards:
Angels and Ancestors created by Kyle Gray with illustration from Lilly Moses.
Publisher: Hay House