Please take a moment to see what my clients have had to say about their messages and what they think of me. If my free monthly / weekly messages resonate with you please drop me a line, it is always good to hear from you.

”The spread chosen really gave a good overview. It gave me a great deal of insight. I was very surprised to what extent the cards said I need to do some self healing. I know exactly what they are suggesting and have already been in the process of releasing some old patterns and habits based on money and prosperity and worthiness of myself. – SF ”

“You completely answered my question, I got clarity You completely gave me the information and insight needed to take action and move forward., you were straight forward. The reading gave me a lot of insight. – C ”

“I very much appreciate your insights and suggestions. So much good advice and is spot on with much of my personality/experiences and you stayed focused on my question. – A ”

“Mandy has provided an informative, in depth reading and it has given me guidance on how to move forward. I really appreciate how detailed, clear and lengthy the reading was. – R ”

“ The honesty that she showed me. It was wonderful… – EQ ”